About Matthew


As a technologist since the ’90s, I have a strong track history of building resilient infrastructure and teaching the next generation about technology. I teach offensive and defensive cyber security and UNIX, including Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, and HardenedBSD. Additionally, from time to time, I publish about cyber security, give interviews to local news stations, and present my research in public forums.

Early on in my career, I was active as an international standards developer, functioning as a liaison from ANSI to ISO and the ITU.


Certifications and Licenses

Additional Training


In chronological order:

  1. M.J. Harmon, et. al.: SSH CRC32 Vulnerability CVE-2001-0144, Snort Signature 1324
  2. M.J. Harmon, N.E. Shawver: ISO Focus+, April 2010 Plugging Security Gaps
  3. M.J. Harmon: CSO Outlook, June 2015: Taking Control of IT Ops with Critical Security Controls
  4. M.J. Harmon, et al.: Mpls / St. Paul Business Journal, October 2017: Cyber Security Experts Panel


Events, interviews, presentations:

Year Event Topic
2010 ISO Focus+ Plugging Security Gaps
2011 MN Criminal Investigators Incident Handling and Forensics Techniques
2011 MN Gov Tech Symposium Why take the risk?
2012 MN Council Non Profits Security on a Shoestring Budget
2012 (ISC)2 Twin Cities Java Exploits Offense and Defense
2013 (ISC)2 Twin Cities DDoS Survival
2014 WCCO TV Security B-Sides MSP 2014
2014 Tech Republic Tech Pro Risk Assessments
2014 Saint Paul College ACM CyberSecurity Workshop
2015 SANS @ Night Threat Intelligence
2015 KSTP TV Television report on ATM Skimming
2015 DataCenter Dynamics DDoS Attacks
2015 Tech Republic Tech Pro Penetration Testing
2015 Palo Alto FUEL User Group State of Cyber Security
2015 CSO Outlook June Issue Taking Control of IT Ops
2016-2018 KSTP TV Breach Coverage
2015 Cyber Security Summit Threat Intelligence 101
2017 SANS @ Night Hands on Cyber Security: Internet of Everything
2018 SANS @ Night Cyber Ranges (with Script)
2017-2018 Saint Paul College CSCI 2461 (Linux), CSCI 2482 (Incident Handling)